People are less attentive when it comes to a board meeting that is remote than they are in person. It’s easy to give in the temptation to check your email, grab a snack, or answer the phone. The good fact is that you can overcome these issues when you manage your meetings efficiently. The following best practices can help you keep virtual meetings on time, secure and productive.

Make use of a reliable, online portal with board management software that includes an agenda builder and video integration. It also has other useful tools like task managers and document centers. These tools will allow you to hold your meetings without having to leave the portal and make sure that everyone has access regardless of their location the time zone, device or location. It’s recommended to designate a moderator for your meeting, since they will oversee all of these systems and make sure that the technology is functioning efficiently.

Send reminders to attendees for the meeting at least 24 hours in advance. This will cut down on the number of no-shows. Also, ensure that participants have all the information needed to participate. Use an agenda template that outlines the specific details of the call to ensure that participants don’t get lost during the discussion.

If a board member is in a position to not attend an online anonymous meeting, they must write a letter to the board, stating the reasons for their absence and describing any reasonable accommodations required. The board will then decide if the excuse is valid. The board must be fair and uniform throughout the process, which is sometimes complicated.

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